Nick Papas

Director and Principal

About Nick

Nick Papas has always been regarded as one of the best sales agents in Australia. In his 20+ years in the industry, he has ranked amongst Australia’s top 100 agents on numerous occasions and has also been internationally recognised as one of the top performing agents globally. Nick is renowned for his incredible results and tireless dedication to the real estate industry. Nick is a highly-trained and skilled negotiator and maintains an intricate knowledge of current market conditions and economic cycles. The key to success for Nick has always been his honest and empathetic approach to clients. By always ensuring a sound understanding of every situation, Nick finds himself well-equipped to tailor solutions that lead to outstanding results.

Together with his team of personally-trained and hand-picked Agents he has mentored over the years, Nick focuses on achieving the best possible processes & results for all parties. Nick is a proactive leader that believes in always leading his team by example. Nick is always present at open homes, returns calls from open home inspections, conducts personalised calls to his network of buyers & sellers and is a hands on leader that loves getting involved in all aspects of the sale even down to the final touches of renovations.

Nick & his team successfully sell year on year over 130 properties and deliver consistently high levels of service regardless of the property’s value. Nick has successfully sold properties ranging from $100,000 to $10,000,000 and delivers the same high level of service and commitment no matter what. Nick also has an extensive knowledge with development & construction making him the go to person for developers looking to acquire development sites. Specialising in larger scale sales including apartment blocks, commercial complexes to government departments and off the plan developments, Nick is also a trusted consultant for builders and property developers. Those looking for advice on how to design and create the perfect space to profile the best buyers rely on Nick for his unparalleled knowledge and experience, ensuring a smooth and successful process.

Nick has intricate understanding of the current market but always looks to the future to stay ahead of the ball in an ever-evolving industry. Nick’s talent and expertise sees him tapping into markets all across Sydney and NSW, concentrated in the east and spanning the inner city, inner west, & south-western Sydney. Nick has built strong and formidable relationships within the industry and has aligned himself with offices and Agents across the country. He has built an extensive database of buyers’ agents, seller advocates & property consultants such as architects, accountants & solicitors. He is also an active supporter of the local community and is proud to be involved with a number of schools, sporting clubs and non-profit organisations through ongoing financial support and sponsorship.

Nick has cemented his name in the Real estate industry through hard work and unwavering dedication to his craft. His passion and infectious positivity ensure that every interaction will leave a lasting impression and impeccable results.