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When you are recruited to join the Agents and Co team, we love the chance to welcome you into our culture and family.

Our goal is to ensure your career opportunities are endless and when we live by our values, they guide everything we do.

Our values speak to the type of environment that we have become renowned for.

The Five Pillars of our Journey


Whether it be sales or property management, we will allocate planning days to your career and work towards a path that you are aiming for ensuring the blueprint of your future is taken care of.


We love education and learning from each other. We have weekly inhouse meetings with our leadership team ensuring you are guided and on track to hit your goals. We also offer coaching from a trifecta of world-renowned speakers include Josh Phegan, Adrian Bo and Matt Shalhoub.


Our marketing team will conduct an audit of your requirements to ensure we help strengthen your brand and provide you with all the marketing elements you require: be it social media, printed collateral or new photos; we’ve got you covered.


You will be welcomed with an array of technologies that are selected to make your job easier. When we make decisions about the type of technology, we always ensure remember connecting property and people.


You’re ready to start! By now you will have met the entire team, set yourself up ensuring the initial planning is all coming together, and the launch of your brand is ready.

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