Can a pool add value to my home?

Warmer days in the summer months can see many homeowners longing for the cool reprieve that can come with owning a pool.

Before rushing out to make plans and install one in your backyard, it is a good idea to weigh up whether it will increase or detract from the value of your home when it comes to sale.

Is your area pool friendly?

While a pool might seem like a wise choice for improvements to your home, carry out research in your area to see the number of homes that may have pools. A search on the property portals to see properties that have sold or are selling with pools is a fast way to gain some of this information.

If you are living in a cooler climate, a pool may not be as in demand as in warmer climates where they may be used for longer months of the year, especially if there is no heating in the pool.

Will your style of home attract the right buyer?

There is a right type of buyer for every property. Consider the type of buyer that your home is likely to attract. Do you own a family home that may appeal to someone who would invest in a property with a pool, or to a buyer who would purchase with a pool?

Or is it a property where the backyard space would be more suited to grass or landscaped area without a pool? Will the area around the property be helpful with maintenance and upkeep or is it an area that has a lot of trees on the perimeter which would create extra cleaning and care to keep the pool in good condition.

Is it an affordable option?

Investigate the value that it might add to your home by talking to us at Agents and Co, who can provide you with a price estimate, and then you can consider the options and viability of installation.

If you do move forward with plans to install a pool, think about the style that you might like, including type and landscaping. This will then give you a starting point to budget out your plans. Don’t forget to include development applications for council and compliance requirements to ensure that you meet all the required standards with pool safety.

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