How to find qualified tradespeople for your home maintenance

A home or investment property is an owner’s pride and joy, so it pays to maintain its quality in a manner befitting both style and return on investment.   

But when handiwork is needed at your property, how do you find the most qualified, reliable and affordable tradesperson for the job? 

The answer is to be found by either word of mouth from a trusted source whose standards match your own — or homeowners can turn to trades listings agencies that specialise in recommending merit- and experience-based handypersons near you.  

Handy Man Near Me in Australia, Handy Manners in New Zealand and the multinational Airtasker portals collectively offer hundreds of thousands of qualified tradespeople in your region who fit the bill and are close at hand to take on most repair jobs and home improvement projects.  

Why seek registered agencies?

Established, reputable companies that represent handypersons and other domestic services are well equipped to pair your needs with the most suitable and cost-effective candidate.

They do so by only endorsing qualified tradespeople who have been professionally screened and tested in order to gain registration. 

Experience levels, job suitability, testimonials and client ratings/endorsements are important components for tradespeople not only aiming to lift their game but in doing so increasing their demand for specific jobs in your region. 

The choice is yours

Too much choice is never enough in the home improvement arena, particularly for the customer. By offering multiple quotes and a reliable price range for all home repairs, users of registered agencies are assured of finding the best handyperson for the right price.

It is all too easy to slip into the costly trap of letting small repair jobs snowball to such an extent that work hours and repair bills can quickly add up. We often prolong the task, not due to cost or procrastination but rather attributed to indecision through a lack of knowledge. 

That is why it’s crucial to put your trust in the experts who can provide service specialists for your home improvements as the need arises. This strategy is certain to minimise time, stress and expense — and forge a professional relationship with the proven applicant.    

How do you go about hiring your handyperson?

Simply register your interest, with contact details, including your region, with most national or multinational home improvement agencies. This in turn is designed to put you in touch with a range of qualified candidates in your locality.

All quotes should be  free and offered without obligation. Test the market before deciding on the right person for the job. Assessing positive and/or negative feedback and potential savings of up to 40 per cent are two of the many benefits where a trades listing agency works to build trust, reliability and return business for the homeowner and tradesperson.