How to have a holiday at home

Despite recent travel openings, many householders are treading cautiously.

Health safeguards and savings goals are inspiring cautious homebodies to transform their regular abode into a holiday sanctuary. 

But the million-dollar question is: how is it possible to create a getaway atmosphere from your home base?

Putting your imagination to the test allows you to enjoy the relaxed vibe of a holiday setting without having to battle airport/car/train travel travails or jeopardise health and safety.

Top tips for creating your staycation

Firstly, it’s essential to momentarily forget that you haven’t left home while creating an atmosphere that’s custom made for relaxation.

This doesn’t have to involve turning your world upside down, but forgoing domestic duties and regimented routines in favour of letting loose is a step in the right direction.

Ensure that your fellow householders join the fun or at least are aware of your holiday-style teleporting aspirations.

Indulge your whimsical proclivities

Treat yourself or enlist family members to start the day with a long, languorous breakfast, best-enjoyed al fresco, weather permitting.

Lounge afterwards with a good book, whether indoors from a cosy perch or recline in your hammock in the sunshine, which you’ve no doubt avoided during your home-based working week.

Take a dip in your plunge pool/inflatable pool or allow the kids and pooches to run through the sprinkler or bounce on the trampoline together.  

Momentarily stop the clock

Time is often against you when maintaining a work routine. 

But the joys of a holiday at home often mean stopping the clock.

If you want to watch a corny movie at 10 am, play a board game with the family at 10 pm or savour sweet treats or even bowls of cereal at midnight, be your guest. 

Posher nosh created in house or home-delivered should also be part of your holiday plan. 

It’s also perfectly acceptable for adults to sip a glass of wine with or after lunch or dinner. After all, you don’t have to drive home or be up early in the morning for the rush hour.

The key to creating memorable holiday moments lies in your ability to revel in your favourite activities and indulgences, regardless of the time or social norms.

Turning fitness into fun

Taking a brisk walk, cycle or jog with your householders whenever the mood takes you is a great way to break out for some much-needed exercise.

Your local park or a safe neighbourhood reserve or pedestrian setting is the ideal place for you all to stay in shape, while boosting your endorphins, holiday style.  

Relaxation essentials 

Affordable items such as scented candles, incense and fresh flowers provide natural colour and aromatherapeutic qualities when creating a day-spa feel at home.

Don’t forget to tune into a soothing soundtrack while channelling your Zen-like state of mind.

Similarly, in-house yoga and massage sessions, reciprocal manicures and pedicures cost little, forge bonding experiences and provide the ultimate at-home rejuvenation. 

Of course, relaxation is a relative process. 

Whether you choose to finish the backyard deck, plant a vegetable garden, enhance the landscaping or complete minor home repairs is entirely up to you. 

Sharing the project work and light domestic duties (inside and out) will leave your home looking as sparkling as you feel.