What to look for when buying a new home

Venturing into home ownership means the journey of searching for and inspecting properties to consider purchasing for your first or next property. As one of the largest purchases that you make in life, it is an important decision and one where a thorough inspection should be carried out to ensure that the property meets your expectations and that you are aware of your obligations.

Walk through the whole property

You may have the opportunity to view the property through an online video and this can narrow down the time that you may spend at the inspection, your list of potential properties and any questions that you may have. 

If you are inspecting the property in person, ensure that you walk through the whole property to take in the look and feel of the home. Take the time to listen to the sounds of the house or building including traffic noise, neighbours, and the area.

Look up and around

When you are walking through the property, don’t forget to look up. Check for signs of mould or dampness on ceilings, cornices or on walls and corners. Check walls adjacent to wet areas for potential dampness, especially if they are in cupboards.

Check items like doors, light switches and cupboards for any damage or concerns that might need to be raised should you put in an offer and proceed.

Be mindful that if you are inspecting a property that is occupied by the current owner or tenants, some of these things may be limited to inspect and will need to rely on professional pest and building inspections or at a time after settlement.

See the unseen

While you will walk through the home and can view most areas of the property, there are several areas that won’t be visible in plain sight, and this is where pest and building reports are able to identify any areas of the property that are cause for concern.

A building inspection will pick up on any defects that may need to be repaired and any other building concerns that you need to be aware of as a buyer. A pest inspection will determine if there are pests like termites present on the property and give you options for treatment and any repairs that may be required. 

Our sales agents arrange inspections on properties by appointment and at open homes. If you would like to inspect one of our properties or discuss a longer inspection contact our sales team who can arrange a time to show you through your next home or investment.